Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. 

Chakra Balancing

Your Chakras hold the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals on an abundant and energetic level.

At Quantum Touch we help you balance your chakras by helping you connect your mind, and soul body. All of our treatments for balancing start with a light massage to help blood and energy flow in the body

Pranic Healing

 Pranic Breathing is a form of energy medicine that teaches its practitioners to increase, control, and direct the prana, or universal life force, that is all around us for their own personal health and energetic benefit. Pranic Breathing creates a simple, practical, effective “optimum” energy healing system anyone could learn and use.