About Souad

 Souad is a certified massage therapist and graduated from one of the top schools for physical therapy in Morocco. With hands-on training in many countries throughout Europe, she is experienced in all massage techniques and specializes in Soft Tissue Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Headaches, and Stress Related conditions. She is also a master of Reiki and Healing Energies.

• Licensed and Experienced massage therapist dedicated to providing quality therapeutic massages and educating people on overall health and wellness.

• Instructed clients in proper care and helped individuals take steps to improve their health.

• Qualified in: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, stone massage, Ayurveda reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy, cancer massage, diabetic massage (neuropathy), anxiety and depression ( chakras work).  

• Experienced in sophrology, nutrition and CPR too.  

Certificate # 46600 

Souad El Khantouri

A Master of Reiki and Healing Energies